Multiple File Versions Will Simplify Your Daily Computing Life

Most of the time, when people talk about the need for an effective backup strategy, we’re bombarded with sensationalistic threats of hard drive crashes, hackers, viruses, and other “scorched earth” scenarios where 5 or 6 years of your life are wiped out in an instant. But of course, these all seem like far-out situations that don’t really apply to your daily life. After all, the chances of your computer crashing within the next year are only about 1 in 10. So backing up your data is always seen as one of those important things that can be held off until tomorrow. (The same way we think about starting a diet.)

The unfortunate reality of the situation is that costly data loss occurs much more frequently than you might think. Total wipe-outs are somewhat less common. Instead, you need to be more prepared for the most common data loss incidents such as:

  • Accidentally deleting an important file
  • A hard drive flaw corrupts a critical file
  • You made a major mistake on an important spreadsheet
  • You saved a blank document over an important file by mistake

These are the REAL incidents that occur frequently and cause REAL problems for companies and individuals. These common incidents can cost a lot in terms of time and money over a very short period of time.

A great way of avoiding this frustration is to make sure that you’ve got a fully-automated data protection solution in place that will allow you to quickly and easily roll back the clock and recover your data from a number of previous points in time. This can be done easily by making sure that your backup solution creates multiple “versioned” copies of your data.

Now, the next time you save a blank XL spreadsheet over the only copy of your annual report, you’ll be able to go back 3 hours and restore the file without having to worry about re-writing the whole thing.

Even if you never suffer a catastrophic event, an online backup solution with multiple restore-points can really be a great source of comfort and convenience in your daily computing life.

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