How To Get Free Online Backup

For those who don’t usually think about online backup, the usefulness of the process dawns on them about ten seconds after they lose their data through theft, computer virus or hard drive failure. Online backup is especially important if you run a small business. Losing vital files without the ability to retrieve them could be the difference between turning a profit or closing down your business. Yes, the life of a small business really is that fragile.

There are various online backup services that offer seemingly unlimited storage space. For example, IDrive offer 150GB storage space for $49.50 a year. Hardly seems like a major investment, does it? However, very few small businesses will ever need such a huge amount of storage space. 150GB is equivalent to 22,500 songs or almost 19,000 pictures. Even most word documents are in the 20kb range which gives you some idea of how vast 150GB is. There are a host of online backup services that offer up to 2GB of space but here are some that offer much more for free online backup.

Windows Live SkyDrive
This is an incredibly useful online backup service that offers an incredible 25GB of free storage space for all users. Best of all, there is no installation and no need to configure a desktop client. It is incredibly easy to use and can be utilized by anyone who has an email account with Windows. Simply log into the SkyDrive account and use your Live ID. Once you are inside, just drag and drop the files you want saved into the requisite folders. This service allows you to create new folders, share the files with whomever you wish and protect certain folders with your password. This is probably the best free online backup service there is.

This is one of the world’s most popular online backup services and it offers the standard free 2GB storage. However, if you dig a little deeper, you will find a hidden bonus. As soon as you sign up, you will be redirected to a sign up page which also gives you the chance to refer others. Refer IDrive to your friends by submitting the login credentials of a major email account such as Gmail or Yahoo! If you have five or more valid email addresses within your address book, IDrive gives you 10GB extra storage space for free. The contacts you give them receive two emails from IDrive as they promote their product.

Humyo offers 10GB of free storage space as standard. Once you sign up for their free service, you will find the 10GB split up into a pair of 5GB parts. One half of the space is dedicated to media files such as music, photos and videos while the other half is reserved for non-media files. One downside is that you don’t get access to their desktop client as a free account holder. Nonetheless, you receive a huge amount of free space and files are easy to download and save.

As you can see, there is no need to spend money on online backup if you need less than 10GB of space. Businesses that need more will clearly have to pay up or risk endangering their whole operation.

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