Five Reasons to Try SafeCopy

SafeCopy is remote online backup that can save your small business, or your personal important files. You can save tax information, ledgers, customer information, and other critical data from being destroyed in the event of a disaster or computer failure.
Here are the top five reasons SafeCopy is a great choice for remote online backup.

#1 – Cost.
SafeCopy offers up to 3GB of storage for free, which is more than many other free online backup services on the market (with most offering just 2GB for free). However, if you need more space, the pricing packages are reasonable, and tailored for small businesses. For example, a four-year, 300GB storage agreement is priced at just $224 — which works out to $56 per year. Additionally, there is no limit on how many computers you can back up — so if you have 7 computers with over 200GB of data that you need to store, then SafeCopy is a great choice.

#2 – Speed.
Installation of the software is easy with just a download and a few permission clicks. Then, uploading your data is fast. Many users have noted that, compared to other remote online backup programs, SafeCopy is one of the fastest. Considering how large first-time backup files can be, that’s saying a lot.

#3 – Features.
SafeCopy is loaded with features that you may find highly useful, such as mapped drives, public and private file sharing, direct web restoration, Android and iPhone app access, scheduled and real-time backups, etc. The TurboUpload feature is a favorite of many users, as it is the feature that makes the upload speed move so smoothly, and doesn’t interfere with computer performance.

#4 – Ease of use.
The software is simple to use and intuitive. You can easily upload your files in just a few clicks. Restoring files is easy if you follow the instructions. Additionally, remote restoration of files can be accomplished from your Smartphone, or anywhere you have Internet access. The software is supported for PC, Mac, and even Linux — which is a good find among remote online backup programs.

#5 – Secure data transfer/encryption.
SafeCopy keeps your data safe with 128-bit AES during transfer, and 448-bit Blowfish for storage. That 448-bit encryption is military grade encryption. That’s as safe as stored data gets, as most hackers won’t waste their time with that type of encryption. NOTE: No encryption is 100% failsafe. Hackers are smart, and that’s what they do best — break code. But insofar as data safety, military-grade protection is one of the very best.

Overall, SafeCopy is useful for personal use on multiple computers, and for small businesses looking for cost-effective backup methods. If you have a small business or home business, or if you have personal files that you want to keep safe, SafeCopy is the way to go. Best of all, the service is completely free for up to 3GB.

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