Compare Online Backup Plans

Finding the right online backup plan may seem like a daunting task. There are certainly a lot of providers you can choose from but how can you be sure that you’re trusting your data to a company that can safety protect it against hackers, computer crashes, and other unexpected problems? In this article, we’ll give you the lowdown on the important aspects you need to look into when comparing online backup plans.

•    Storage Capacity – this is the primary consideration for most subscribers. The amount of space offered by a provider usually determines whether people will subscribe for it or not. In essence, there are a lot of companies that offer a free, basic storage of 2GB. If you need anything more than that, you’ll have to get an upgrade. With that said, there are many other factors that must be considered including the bandwidth, performance, security, and customer support offered by the company.

•    Performance – can the provider back up your files in real time? What is its bandwidth and how long does it take to upload/download files from their servers? The features offered by an online backup provider determine whether it can provide top-quality storage to users. However, it is also crucial to remember that to some extent, the speed of service relies on your internet connection.

•    Ease of Use – the download and installation process should be simple and straightforward. If you encounter problems even at the start, then it doesn’t bode well for the backup provider. After installation, make it a point to set your preferences on the system.

•    Security –most companies offer advanced security features that will encrypt your data prior to transmitting it to the server. While the majority takes these precautions though, a select number of firms go beyond that. They set up multiple remote servers to make your data redundant. So in case something happens on one physical location, the information you’re stored can easily be retrieved from another server.

•    Price – does the cost of the service align with the features and space provided? The cost of online backup services can vary significantly. The details may look minute but if you’re running a company with sophisticated technological requirements, the seemingly small details can make all the difference.

•    Customer Support – when the online backup tool is working fine, customer service seems unnecessary. The importance of good support will become evident once you run into problems. Every online backup service might experience technical glitches, errors, and maintenance at one time or another. That’s why it is important to choose a provider with great customer support services. They can guide you in retrieving the files or at the very least they can let you know when service is going to be restored.

Once you’ve decided on an online backup company, the next step is to subscribe to the right plan. Most firms offer three main plans: basic, business, and enterprise. Determine your exact requirements and read the details of each plan carefully before making the final decision.

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