Carbonite: Get It Or Skip It?

Carbonite is an online backup service that promises to give all customers unlimited backup space. Star Wars lovers will know that the company takes its name from the fictional substance that froze Hans Solo in The Empire Strikes Back. The company is trying to suggest that your files are as secure as the unfortunate Hans Solo was. Carbonite was formed in 2005 by David Friend and Jeff Flowers who were collaborating for the fifth time as they already founded four other companies together prior to 2005. This service has backed up more than 25 billion files and recovered 2 billion more for customers who feared their data was gone forever.

What Does Carbonite Do For You?
This service encrypts your data on your computer not once, but twice, before storing this data on their special data servers. This should ensure that your files remain secure forever. Carbonite have deals for those using their computer at home and they also cater to small businesses:

Carbonite Home Deals:

  • Basic: A one year deal that costs $59
  • Popular: Two year deal for $109
  • Best Value: Three year deal for $139


Carbonite for Small Business:

  • Business: $229 a year: Offers 250GB company storage space on an unlimited amount of computers and laptops. You get customer support, backup essentials and this deal is compatible with both Windows and Mac
  • Business Premier: $599 a year: Offers everything the Business deal offers but gives you 500GB company storage space and support for Windows Server. You can also buy extra space on either package: $49 a year for 50GB or $89 for 100GB.


Carbonite Advantages
It’s hard to imagine finding an online backup service that is easier to use than Carbonite. Even someone with zero knowledge of computing would figure out how to use it. All you have to do is install, run the backup wizard, set it up and let it secure your files. Everything is done automatically so there is no need to fret.

Carbonite’s backup process is flawless and you can even pause it at any time if you wish. The double encryption method employed by this backup service means your data is in the cyber equivalent of Fort Knox. The company even pays a security team to try and infiltrate it. Thus far, Carbonite has stood firm. If you decide to leave, your data is deleted from their system within 30 days.

Carbonite Cons
Carbonite could take up to 10 days to backup your data if you have approximately 30GB of information as it saves 3-4GB a day. If you need to restore data, this could take quite a while. Indeed, recovering more than 100GB of information would take days, not good news for businesses though it is better than losing everything completely!

Carbonite reviews have been very positive on the whole and they have won several awards. The time it takes to save and restore data can be bothersome but this is a problem with virtually all backup services. Its security is among the best in the business and the rates are very reasonable. The jump in price between Business and Business Premier is puzzling though and this gap should really be tightened a little bit to entice more businesses. Overall, Carbonite is a backup service that is well worth getting.

Additional Savings

Frequently Carbonite will issue a Carbonite offer code to save 10% or more off their backup service. Be sure to check for the latest Carbonite coupon code before signing up.

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