Best Discounts for Online Backup Services

When looking for the best discounts for online backup services, it’s important to choose not just by price, but to look for what is offered for such a discount. Certainly, it is convenient to get a 50% discount on a product, but if it doesn’t do what other comparable products on the market do, then they really are not worth paying for anyway.

The best discounts for online backup services are typically found directly from the producer of the product. Many places offer discounts for signing up for more than a single year. For example, Carbonite has a home and home office service that starts at $59 per year—however, there is a discount for signing up for a three year package—only $139 per computer per year (21%). They also offer a 30-day risk-free trial of their software, which is a full month of free usage.   If you decide to sign up, save money using a carbonite promo code .

Additionally, some of the best discounts for online backup services can be obtained by making a sales inquiry, obtaining quotes, and comparing prices among other, comparable services. Some research shows that even the best discounts don’t compare to some of the base prices for online backup services. For example, Carbonite’s base price for Business Service is $229 per year. This is well below their comparable market competitor’s pricing, especially when additional computers and storage requirements are added.
Consider the basic pricing for 5 computers with 50 GB of total storage. Carbonite would cost $229 per year, and the comparable service offered with Backblaze would be $250 per year. This doesn’t seem like much of a difference. However, compare 10 computers with 250 GB of total storage. Carbonite’s price is still set at $229 for the entire year. The comparable service offered with Backblaze jumps significantly at $500 for the year.

Also, the best discounts for online backup may not be the best price—as an initial discount may expire, leaving a company having to pay a full, exorbitant price that they cannot afford. It may be a better choice to go with a consistent, low price that offers premium services. The services offered at a discount may also not compare to the services obtained at a regular low price. Because Carbonite is a gold-standard service, it makes a prime example (again). With Carbonite, an annual fee of $229 for the basic Business plan includes the following:

•    Automatic file and folder backup, with optional scheduled backup for Windows
•    External hard drive backup
•    Web-based administrator access
•    Recovery onto a hard drive, delivered by mail if necessary
•    Restoration Wizard to speed up recovery
•    Continual backup during the work day
•    Remote file access
•    Free mobile apps to access from remote locations
•    US Based Customer Service, available daily by phone, chat, and email from 8am to Midnight (EST).
•    A comprehensive FAQ section that is searchable.

Essentially, some of the best discounts for online backup services are not discounts at all—they are consistent, low pricing that delivers a reliable services in the event of disaster recovery.


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