5 Things You Don’t Know About Online Backup Service

Whether you need online backup for business or personal use, it is refreshing to know that somewhere in the world of cyberspace, your files are safe and sound. Without online backup, your files are in danger of being lost forever in the event of an unforeseen disaster. Your data could become corrupted, your computer could be lost, your hard drive could fail or a fire could damage your computer permanently. Whatever the reason, having no backup is a disaster that can be averted by finding an online backup service. Most people think they know all about this type of service but here are some things they may not realize.

1: Encryption
Online backup data is not floating through cyberspace like some people think. These files are located on a hard drive or server. This may seem less than secure because employees of the backup company could then have access to your files right? In actual fact, your files become encrypted when they reach the storage company. Thanks to encryption, your data is unreadable when it reaches the company’s servers meaning they are secure. The code used is so complex that even computer systems have problems breaking it.

2: Extra Security
Although the data is stored on a hard drive and server, there is additional security attached to it. There is always the possibility that disaster could strike the storage company and destroy their servers. By that token, these companies are no safer than your home. However, your data will be stored in a facility that is located in a different area to the company. Also, more than one server and hard drive are used for storage. This means your data is safe unless the company’s servers and hard drives in both locations are destroyed. Most online backup business have additional safeguarding measures on top of all this.

3: Slow Recovery
One problem with online backup you may not be aware of is the fact that restoring the data could take longer than you imagine. If you lose your data and require your backup files, it may take several days for it to arrive. This will be detrimental to your business, critically so if the delay drags on. Industry experts believe that 50% of computer users will lose their data at some point. They also state that businesses which lose their data often cannot recover and fold within 24 months.

4: Hybrid Services
It is disheartening to know that some online backup companies are slow to act but thankfully, these delays are being eradicated slowly but surely. Hybrid services are now available which speed up the recovery time for businesses that experience a data loss. This service stores and continually produces up to date copies of a company’s important data. It reduces restore and recovery times and could save small and medium sized businesses.

5: License Agreements
One thing that users of online backup services must do is carefully read the license agreements. Shockingly, it has been found that some organizations issue a disclaimer stating that they bear NO responsibility for lack of availability of the backup data. This more or less renders the service useless. It should be noted that the majority of these services are free but there are companies that charge for online backup who also have this provision. Therefore, tread carefully when selecting an online backup provider.

Backing up your data is of paramount importance in order to safeguard the future of your business. The above revelations may surprise you because they are snippets of information that are not regularly featured in the public domain.

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