5 Reasons Not to Overlook Carbonite as a Backup Solution For Your Small Business

Carbonite has become well-known as a way for people to back up their home computers, however it is still often overlooked as a business solution.  Since a majority of their advertising is directed towards personal computers, small businesses tend to overlook them one hunting for a backup solution of their own.  The truth is that they have developed a solid package designed specifically for small businesses.  Here are 5 reasons not to overlook Carbonite as a backup solution for your small business.

1.    No Per-Computer Price
One of the biggest benefits is that they do not operate on a per computer pricing structure.  Instead, it is solely based upon the amount of storage you need.  Currently, they charge $229 per year for 250 GB of storage or $599 per year for 500 GB of storage, plus they also allow you to backup any local Microsoft Windows servers that you may have.  On average, it is estimated that the average computer will require up to 15 GB of storage, which means that the smallest package will be more than enough for many small business owners.  If you find yourself needing additional storage, regardless of which plan you are on, you can get 50 GB for $46 per year or 100 GB for $89 per year.

2.    Zero Maintenance
Another benefit for small businesses is that Carbonite is 100% software-based.  This means that you will not need to install or maintain any hardware, deal with disks or tapes, or need to spend any money on a technician.  Even if you already have an in-house technician, this means that once the software is set up, they will not need to spend any time maintaining it, which means you can have them doing other, more pressing tasks.

3.    Anytime, Anywhere Access
One reason that many small businesses have started looking into online storage is so that they can have access to their data without having to be on site.  Carbonite has released a number of tools which provide you with “Anytime, Anywhere Access”.  This includes free mobile apps for the iPhone, iPad, android, and blackberry devices.  You can even use their QR code to access the login area.  In short, as long as you have Internet access, you can have access to your entire company’s data.

4.    Backups are Completely Automated
Small businesses can end up wasting a lot of time backing up their data manually.  By using Carbonite, all of the data is backed up whenever a file is changed, rather than on a specific time interval.  Not only does this ensure that you don’t have to worry about your employees backing up their information on their own, it also means that you will always have the most recent version of every document.  One of the biggest problems with schedule backups is that they are still not completely up to date.  As a result, you could still end up spending a week getting caught back up if data loss occurs.

5.    Off Site Storage is Safer
Finally, by using Carbonite, you will also be using their state of the art data center  Not only does this mean that your data is stored on redundant servers, but is also extremely secure.  Off-site storage has proved safer for a number of reasons, not only does it protect you if something happens to an on-site storage location, but also further prevents any type of employee data theft.

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