How much is your intellectual property worth?

Determining Value in order to Budget for Protection. Intrusion alarms for elevators and doors and motion detectors for after hours. These are just two of the many security devices businesses employ in order to protect their assets. Computer, office furniture and more are costly to replace. Yet, these items are replaceable without very much difficulty. […]

What to Look for in Online Backup

Perhaps the best feeling in the world is the feeling that comes with knowing you are protected. Whether that protection comes in the form of security or insurance it is just nice to know that you are covered from the things that can go wrong in everyday life. When it comes to your personal computer […]

How fast can you recover from a data disaster?

Small and medium businesses often overlook the cost of recovering from a disaster when implementing their data storage and recovery plans. More often than most people would care to admit, critical data backups are stored to physical media, with little or no contingency plan in case of major disaster. If these same companies were to […]

Multiple File Versions Will Simplify Your Daily Computing Life

Most of the time, when people talk about the need for an effective backup strategy, we’re bombarded with sensationalistic threats of hard drive crashes, hackers, viruses, and other “scorched earth” scenarios where 5 or 6 years of your life are wiped out in an instant. But of course, these all seem like far-out situations that […]

Take Precautions Before Working on your Computer

From time to time, it may become necessary for you to open the casing of your machine and work on the internal components. This can be either for a routine cleaning of built-up dust, or to replace/upgrade/install components. However, too many people seem to forget that integrated circuits are very sensitive (and sometimes dangerous) electronic […]

The Cloud is More Secure Than Tape

A recent article in Readwriteweb made some good points about why physical backup media such as tapes, DVDs and external hard drives are no longer a viable means of performing backups. On May 29 of this year, the National Archives issued a public statement disclosing that a 2TB Western Digital MY BOOK external hard drive […]

Online Backup Storage

Everybody that owns a computer needs to have an online backup storage provider. Why? Think about how many irreplaceable files you currently have on your computer. Right now you probably have document files for work, pictures of you and your family, and maybe even some music files for your iPod. What would you do if […]

Online Backup Software – How It Works and What It Costs

Many people have a general understanding of what online backup software is and why it can be important, however many people don’t really understand how it works or what it will cost. In order to gain a better understanding of the entire process, it is important to define exactly what online backup software is, what […]

What Exactly Are Online Backup Services?

Online backup is the process of copying files over the internet and storing it remotely in another location. It is a way of covering yourself if something goes wrong, a bit like insurance. It might seem like an unnecessary precaution at the time, but you will be thankful if and when your computer crashes and […]

The Cost of Online Backup Services

Online backup services are becoming increasingly popular as businesses come to realize the many advantages that online data backup offers. The question no longer is whether to backup data, but what backup option one should choose from. There are several major reasons why online backup is being preferred over other backup options. One such reason […]

Online Backup or External Hard Drive – Which is Better?

A simple fact of life is that computer files are often lost. These losses can occur from a variety of different reasons. The losses are always unexpected and always unpleasant. After all, would you be able to replace your valuable files if you had to? The best way to protect your information is either with […]

How Can I Protect My Computer Files for Free?

Backing up your computer is important. After all, you probably have irreplaceable files, pictures and documents stored on your computer. Years ago back up was costly and difficult. However, online storage has changed everything. It is one of the most reliable forms of back up and can protect your files much better than anything you […]

Online Backup: Ensuring the Safety Of Your Files On Any Computer

Data is a primary asset used continuously in everyday life. Whether used at home or within your job, our computers store a wide number of precious files, which we can often take advantage of until it is too late. Whilst it is possible to back up these important files using a number of small backup […]

Online Backup Rates

Online backup is probably the most import piece of software you can have installed onto your computer. With online backup in place, you never have to worry about your hard drive crashing or losing your data for any other reason as all of your files, both personal and business, will safely be stored at a […]

Why You Might Need Online Storage

Online storage is designed to backup your files in the event of an accident occurring which damages your regular computer. Theft, damage and virus attacks could destroy a computer and all the information contained within. With online storage of your data, it will be possible to retrieve the lost information from a remote location. This […]

Online Backup For The Home

You can be forgiven for forgetting the importance of online backup for the home. After all, if the computer is only used for leisure, thoughts don’t generally turn towards catastrophes. However, computers get attacked every day by viruses and Trojans which can obliterate everything you saved on the computer. If you have children, there is […]

Carbonite- A Guide to Restoring Files

Odds are that you purchased the Carbonite backup system for emergency use only. You were probably hoping that you would never have to use it. But, if you are reading this article you probably have had a problem and are needing to restore your files. The process is actually quite simple, so let’s look at […]

How Does Identity Protection Work?

Every year, more people want to know “how does identity protection work”.  The threat of getting your identity stolen is always on the rise.  This is largely due to the growing number of ways that criminals can access your person information.  While most people only think about the financial damage, there are a lot of […]

The Benefits of Online Backup for Business Travelers

If you travel a lot for business purposes you know how stressful and taxing it can be. You might be in one city on Monday to share a presentation and somewhere else entirely different on Friday to close a sale. When you are always on the road it is important to be as organized as […]

5 Things You Don’t Know About Online Backup Service

Whether you need online backup for business or personal use, it is refreshing to know that somewhere in the world of cyberspace, your files are safe and sound. Without online backup, your files are in danger of being lost forever in the event of an unforeseen disaster. Your data could become corrupted, your computer could […]

Top 5 Online Backup Companies to Protect your Computer Files

Whether you’re running a small business, medium-scale enterprise, or a Fortune 500 company, it is important to consider online backup. Critical files can pile up over time and there’s limited ways to store it. In the past, majority stored these files in physical drives. Nowadays though, it is safer, cheaper, and more practical to take […]

Is it Necessary to Backup Your Cell Phone?

You may feel that it is necessary to backup your computer in order to protect all the files it contains, but you may not know whether or not it is necessary to backup your cell phone. Backing up your cell phone used to mean just writing down all the names and phone numbers you had […]

Secure Online Back-Up For All Your Important Documents

Nowadays, many of us store large parts of our lives on our computers or laptops. We keep all of our precious photographs, music and important work documents here so when something goes wrong and we end up losing files it can be incredibly frustrating. Most of us automatically assume that our precious files will be […]

Carbonite Offer Code – Howard Stern, Rush Limbaugh, Dave Ramsey

Receive up to a 10% discount on all 1, 2 and 3 year subscriptions at Carbonite through this special link. While coupons are nothing new, the popularity of daily deal sites has reinvigorated the American public to saving money on products and services.  Following this trend, Carbonite has coupons available to save up to ten […]

Carbonite: Get It Or Skip It?

Carbonite is an online backup service that promises to give all customers unlimited backup space. Star Wars lovers will know that the company takes its name from the fictional substance that froze Hans Solo in The Empire Strikes Back. The company is trying to suggest that your files are as secure as the unfortunate Hans […]

Complete List of Online Backup Services – Free and Paid

While the term “online backup” has become part of today’s vocabulary, the truth is that very few people actually know what they’re getting from online backup services. The basic idea behind it is that people would be able to store important files off-site securely. However, the service has manifested itself in countless different ways and […]

What is Online Backup?

With today’s modern technology, many things are moving to the online world.  With valuable information stored on computers and handheld devices, it has become more important than ever to back it up to prevent loss in the event of a power outage or computer shutdown. When it comes to backing up data stored on computers, […]

Best Discounts for Online Backup Services

When looking for the best discounts for online backup services, it’s important to choose not just by price, but to look for what is offered for such a discount. Certainly, it is convenient to get a 50% discount on a product, but if it doesn’t do what other comparable products on the market do, then […]

Why Do You Need Online Backup

Nowadays, many people do their work on computers because it’s easy and fast. Computers can be used to perform various types of work like designing, writing, data entry, accounting, planning, estimation, and lots more. The negative thing about working on computers is that there’s always the risk of losing all the work and data. Sometimes, […]

How Often Should You Back up Your Data?

Anyone who uses a computer should have some type of backup plan in place. No backup can mean a real disaster because computer equipment fails, is lost or stolen, or is damaged eventually. Vital information, memories, or important records can be lost as a result of no backup. The plan can be very elaborate and […]

Is Your Data Safe if Your Computer is Stolen?

Many people would rather not think of a situation where they are the victim of theft.  Unfortunately lack of preparation for such situations can be disastrous. If the stolen item is a computer, there can be a chain reaction of thefts including your identity. Consider all of the various pieces of information that is often […]

Online Backup Tools – Protect more than just Files

In today’s environment where hackers, spammers, and fraudsters abound on the internet, individuals and companies find it hard to get peace of mind. After all, their computers are constantly under the threat of malicious cyber-attacks. As if that wasn’t enough, there are also technical and organizational problems that has to be dealt with. So by […]

Compare Online Backup Plans

Finding the right online backup plan may seem like a daunting task. There are certainly a lot of providers you can choose from but how can you be sure that you’re trusting your data to a company that can safety protect it against hackers, computer crashes, and other unexpected problems? In this article, we’ll give […]

5 Reasons Not to Overlook Carbonite as a Backup Solution For Your Small Business

Carbonite has become well-known as a way for people to back up their home computers, however it is still often overlooked as a business solution.  Since a majority of their advertising is directed towards personal computers, small businesses tend to overlook them one hunting for a backup solution of their own.  The truth is that […]

Investigating Online Backup Services

It only takes a second for something tragic to happen. Although it pales in comparison to human tragedy, most business owners would agree that losing a years worth of data without any backup falls into the ‘tragic’ category. This is why online backup is more important than ever. Once you find a high quality service, […]

How To Get Free Online Backup

For those who don’t usually think about online backup, the usefulness of the process dawns on them about ten seconds after they lose their data through theft, computer virus or hard drive failure. Online backup is especially important if you run a small business. Losing vital files without the ability to retrieve them could be […]

Protect Your Files With Online Backup

There are different ways you can protect your data whether stored in personal computers, laptops or smartphones. You can use passwords, and laptop locks to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing your data. Similarly, you can use antivirus programs to prevent the damage of your data and computers. However, these methods do not offer total protection for your […]

Five Reasons to Try SafeCopy

SafeCopy is remote online backup that can save your small business, or your personal important files. You can save tax information, ledgers, customer information, and other critical data from being destroyed in the event of a disaster or computer failure. Here are the top five reasons SafeCopy is a great choice for remote online backup. […]

Affordable Ways to Backup Business Files

Running a business involves creating and storing numerous files. Whether it is related to the operational, technical, or financial part of the company, the end result is that these documents can build up over the years. It will put a strain on your computer storage capacity. In addition, there is also the ever-present risk that […]

The 3 Limitations of Online Backup Service

Online backup services have been receiving a lot of positive publicity lately. This can be attributed to varying developments in the industry including the rise of cloud computing, the increasing amount of data that are being collected, the general increase in the number of computer users, and even the shift towards eco-friendly storage. Whatever the […]

Scaling a Home Based Business: How Insurance and Other Protective Measures Can Help to Drive your Venture

With technology giant Intuit estimating that freelancers will account for 40% of the U.S. workforce by 2020, it is clear that a growing number of individuals are embracing their entrepreneurial spirit in the quest to secure financial security. While advancement and innovation have played key roles in driving this trend, the impact of the Great […]

The Best Mobiles for Professional Use: The Ultimate Data Management Devices

While the emergence of the smartphone as a business tool has been lauded by some, it has drawn criticism from others. To some, the smartphone’s capacity for remote interaction and constant Internet connectivity has given employers the opportunity to create longer working hours among their employees, using the flexibility of mobile technology to demand higher […]

Web Hosting, SEO and Data Management: The Potential Trends for 2014

If you didn’t already know it, technological advancement is continuing to change the world around us at pace. 2014 is set to be another seismic year for technology, as various fields benefit from innovation and carefully planned developments. In particular, we can expect to see significant evolution in web hosting, SEO and data management, with […]

Understanding the History of Online Backup

From college students writing term papers to business professionals handling data management, computer users understand the importance of data backup. All it takes is an unexpected power surge or computer crash to lose all your hard work. Hours of work may never be recovered without a proper backup, which is why online backup services continue […]

Developing a Comprehensive Data Storage Solution: The Importance of Incorporating Off and Online Locations

While the technological evolution may have changed the way in which consumers and business owners complete even simple tasks, innovation and advancement can occasionally come at a price. You need only consider the concept of the paperless office to understand the dangers further, as there is a sense that some business owners may have become […]